Business English & Company Courses


Company Courses for Today’s Business Professionals

ETA Freedom Professional (Individual)

360° customized courses for professionals from all sectors and career levels. Presentations, sales, customer service, business travel, English for HR and much more.

ETA 2.0

Customized courses for even the smallest teams.

ETA Plus Professional (3-12 participants)

The goal: to develop not one but three fundamental skills in today’s working world: Team building, problem solving and communication. ETA has created English courses for all levels where the aim is not only to improve ones linguistic skills but also their ability to work as a team alongside their colleagues and stimulate their ability to resolve problems inspired by world renowned methods and techniques.

ETA Specialist (1-12 participants)

A course created 100% just for professionals in need of specific terminology (eg. Receptionists, medical professionals, lawyers, hairdressers, stylists, craftsmen, engineers, architects, etc.). We work alonside these professionals to make sure that no detail is neglected.

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